I never know what to write for these things. I’m just a Computer Engineering student who should’ve picked CS, with a newfound interest in Android programming. Depending on the semester, I’m either working full time (also as a dev) or a full time student, though I’m graduating next year. Although relative to most Android devs out there I’m a newbie, I hope that posting will help at least one person. I’ve used so many other blog posts to learn how to do things, I figure this is a way to give back, like a uTorrent of Android knowledge.

I know many people attach some type of license to their code, which is often confusing and you’re left either wondering if you can use it at all, or being frustrated that you found what you want and can’t use it. So everything I post is under my own Do Whatever the Crap You Want (or DWCYW) License. Use it in your own apps, commercial apps, anything you’d like. I’d appreciate it if you credited me if someone asks where you learned it – or heck, the people I’ve learned from – but if you’re having a bad day, go ahead and call it your own. My team of ninja lawyers will be out on their annual camping trip that week, anyway.

Thanks and happy coding!

– Amy

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